Mission Marketing

Charities want to raise money and awareness, associations want to grow their membership and corporations want to increase customer loyalty and grow market share. Clients turn to 1st Degree for creative marketing platforms that will provide them the measurable results they need.

Clients can count on us to create new marketing platforms or invigorate existing partner campaigns. Our extensive experience in events, experiential marketing, sports integration, public relations, point of sale, social media, and public relations gives us the capability to design marketing campaigns that will resonate with many different consumers.

Whether your objective is increasing brand awareness, improving customer loyalty or enhancing your brands value proposition put 1st Degree to work for you.

No matter how creative a marketing campaign or heartfelt a mission it requires experienced development staff create partnership between corporations and charities to be successful.

1st Degree is one of the few agencies that work with charities to establish new corporate relationships. Charities hire 1st Degree as a complete outsourced corporate development department, an enhancement to an internal staff or a transitional solution.

We are registered in all states as a licensed fundraiser and file all of our contracts to ensure proper compliance with all state fundraising rules and regulations.

1st Degree is very proud to have raised over $100M for our clients’ missions since 2005.

1st Degree in Action:



Touchdown for Tots with NFL TeamsTouchdown for Tots with NFL Teams

Touchdown for Tots with NFL Teams

American Sportfishing AssociationAmerican Sportfishing Association

American Sportfishing Association

Avon Care PackageAvon Care Package

Avon Care Package

Harley Davidson Motor CompanyHarley Davidson Motor Company

Harley Davidson Motor Company

Jack DanielsJack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Operation USO Care PackageOperation USO Care Package

Operation USO Care Package

WomenHeart Red Bag of CourageWomenHeart Red Bag of Courage

WomenHeart Red Bag of Courage

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