Special Events and Public Relations

 1st Degree has designed public relations campaigns that have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, USA Today, TIME as well as local print, radio and TV.

Our team leverages the power of PR through a wide range of messaging platforms and communication tools that deliver broad exposure, a positive public image and bottom line results.

1st Degree provides our clients with public relations services including media tours, product placement, movie integration, message awareness and more.

1st Degree creates award winning signature special events for our clients. We have the broad experience to provide strategic planning, creative solutions, comprehensive site investigations, flawless administration, careful budget management, volunteer management, corporate partner integration, media outreach and seamless execution for all our client special events.

1st Degree in Action:

“Grizzlies Give Back” 5K“Grizzlies Give Back” 5K

“Grizzlies Give Back” 5K



Jack DanielsJack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Movie PromotionsMovie Promotions

Movie Promotions

Media Events: Blue Angels Deliver (video)Media Events: Blue Angels Deliver (video)

Media Events: Blue Angels Deliver (video)

Arthur Christmas PSA (video)Arthur Christmas PSA (video)

Arthur Christmas PSA (video)

Hallmark ChannelHallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel

Bass Pro ShopsBass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops



Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America

Good Morning America

Hollywood Christmas ParadeHollywood Christmas Parade

Hollywood Christmas Parade

Live Remote CNNLive Remote CNN

Live Remote CNN

Live Remote Dr. Phil ShowLive Remote Dr. Phil Show

Live Remote Dr. Phil Show

Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Newsweek AdvertorialNewsweek Advertorial

Newsweek Advertorial

Time MagazineTime Magazine

Time Magazine

USO Live Remote UnivisionUSO Live Remote Univision

USO Live Remote Univision

Wall Street Journal AdvatorialWall Street Journal Advatorial

Wall Street Journal Advatorial

Toys For Tots Promotional VideoToys For Tots Promotional Video

Toys For Tots Promotional Video

Tonka’s 60th Anniversary (video)Tonka’s 60th Anniversary (video)

Tonka’s 60th Anniversary (video)

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