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Mercy Ships is Keeping 'Hope in Sight'

We are proud to announce the latest PSA release from Mercy Ships, “Hope in Sight."

Help Mercy Ships tell the powerful story of the FREE, life changing work volunteers

from across the U.S. provide to the world’s forgotten poor by sharing our new public service announcement, "Hope in Sight."

Mercy Ships is a fleet of the two largest floating civilian hospitals in the world, staffed with volunteer medical staff and crew who pay their own way to serve aboard the ships. With the introduction of their newest ship, the Global Mercy, Mercy Ships now can offer double the lifesaving services and training.

This new PSA shows the incredible impact the volunteers, nurses and doctors aboard Mercy Ships have on communities around the world - keeping ‘Hope in Sight.’ Because of volunteers, donors and countless others, Mercy Ships is able to physically improve the quality of life for those in need and ultimately bring them happiness.

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