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Moore to unveil groundbreaking virtual reality immersive donor experience at Woodmark Summit 2024

New application for virtual reality provides nonprofits with the capability to develop highly personalized experiences, offering a level of donor engagement like never before.

Moore, a leading constituent experience management (CXM) company, announces the next step in experiential marketing for donor cultivation. Moore has created an immersive virtual reality donor experience, launching a new frontier of donor engagement and captivating storytelling.

With this pioneering technology, nonprofit organizations can now virtually walk donors through a hospital and into research laboratories, on mission trips to bring surgery to undeveloped countries, and even into the habitats of the endangered species that organizations are working hard to save. By putting on virtual headsets, users will get limitless glimpses into the work mission-driven organizations do to make the world a better place for all of us.

Moore CEO Gretchen Littlefield commented, "Innovation is everywhere at Moore. With this groundbreaking technology, we're revolutionizing storytelling and bringing immersive experiences to donors' fingertips. We're helping our clients build deeper engagement, trust and lasting impact with the people that make their mission possible."

Moore will unveil the virtual experience at the annual Woodmark Summit, May 7-9 in Cincinnati. Woodmark Summit is where the nation's top nonprofit children's hospitals come together to hone fundraising strategies, strengthen professional practices and share ideas for improving the quality of health care for children through philanthropy.

Moore partnered with virtual reality developer VRWERX to deliver this groundbreaking solution. Steve Harrison, president of Moore's CDR Agency Division, Russell Naftal, co-managing partner and founder of VRWERX, and others from Moore will introduce this virtual experience for those attending the conference. The session, entitled "Precision Development: 1:1 Immersive Storytelling," will delve into this new frontier of precise audience development and innovative approaches for donor engagement and storytelling.

The experience was built so that it can be scaled up or down to meet all users at their various levels of the giving pyramid—from individual giving to major and principal giving. By doing so, it ensures the optimal use of the platform, the greatest ROI for the effort and retains special features for each giving level that help make constituents feel surprised and delighted.

"Moore thrives on using innovation, data and technology to connect purpose-driven organizations more deeply with their constituents. This advancement can literally change what donor engagement will look like going forward. We're eager to embrace the limitless possibilities," said Harrison.

During Woodmark Summit, Moore and VRWERX will also be giving live demonstrations, taking viewers through a virtual journey that highlights the amazing possibilities this revolutionary technology represents.

"We're thrilled to partner with Moore, harnessing the transformative potential of mixed reality to enhance engagement and accessibility in nonprofit initiatives," said Naftal. "It's profoundly rewarding to apply our VR expertise to develop a unique mixed reality experience that leverages today's immersive technology to enhance a hospital's capabilities in fundraising, training and therapeutic interventions. This advancement paves the way for groundbreaking innovations and significant impact on the purpose-driven industry."

In addition to unveiling the new immersive storytelling technology at Woodmark Summit, George Whelan, president of Moore's Amergent Division, will be giving a presentation on the myriad of ways the purpose-driven sector can fully leverage AI. Participants can learn how Moore has always been at the forefront of AI, embracing its enormous potential to create relevant constituent experiences that maximize performance and donor satisfaction through a variety of applications.

About Moore

Moore is a data-driven constituent experience management (CXM) company achieving accelerated growth for clients through integrated supporter experiences across all platforms, channels and devices. We are an innovation-led company that is the largest marketing, data and fundraising company in North America serving the purpose-driven industry with clients across education, association, political and commercial sectors.

Moore combines our strength in technology and unmatched industry expertise to provide clients with strategy, creative, production, media, data, response management and analytic services. Our omnichannel solutions are powered by an ongoing investment in next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning that deepens constituent relationships and creates transformational growth. To learn more, visit


VRWERX delivers revolutionary interactive content elevated by their proprietary technology for the most enjoyable immersive experiences across all platforms. They develop virtual and augmented reality for interactive storytelling within games, mixed reality video, location-based, and educational entertainment while utilizing proprietary technologies for elevating interactive experiences. Visit for more information.

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