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St. Joseph’s Indian School is providing a safe place to learn and preserve tradition in new PSA

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

St. Joseph’s Indian School in is a special place in South Dakota where Native American children can come to receive a quality education while finding hope, love, safety and an opportunity for a brighter future, all at no cost to their families. The new public service announcement, Lakota Stars, showcases how St. Joseph’s Indian School provides a safe place to care for the whole child — mind, body, heart and spirit while preserving cultural traditions.

In collaboration with Moore company, TCM, 1st Degree is excited to announce the new public service announcement from St. Joseph’s Indian School, Lakota Stars.

In support of this PSA, 1st Degree leveraged its industry-changing, results-focused media marketing platform PSAdirectSM to distribute the radio public service announcements for this campaign. Through multi-channel distribution and actionable analytics, PSAdirect delivers targeted, measurable and insightful audience exposure for its nonprofit clients.

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