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1st Degree launches Children International public service campaign on PSAdirect

1st Degree, launches For Good, the newest public service announcement campaign for Children International.

Powered by PSAdirectTM, For Good highlight’s Children International’s mission to put an end to generational poverty through programs focused on health, education, empowerment and employment. This captivating imagery takes viewers through communities around the world and shows how children in need access medical care, education and opportunities that make a lasting difference in their lives.

PSAdirect is an industry-changing, results-focused media marketing platform. Through this multi-channel distribution and actionable analytics, 1st Degree delivers targeted, measurable and insightful audience exposure to its nonprofit clients.

Children International is a top rated, nonprofit humanitarian organization working to eradicate poverty around the world. Learn more at

View and download this incredible PSA and additional campaign materials to share with your audiences.


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