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Put a ‘Spring’ in Your Step with these 7 tips for Workplace Cleaning

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, spring cleaning is the perfect time for a workplace reset. The way your workplace makes you feel is so important to your productivity and attitude towards working. Here are a few tips to keep your workspace productive and put a ‘spring’ in your step.

1) The paper purge. If you have stacks of paperwork flooding your desk and drawers, take a moment to sort through what needs to stay and what needs to go. Recycle non-sensitive items, put the sensitive stuff through the shredder and create an organized filing system for what will remain.

2) Carry on virtually. Do the same for the files on your computer. Go through each folder and ensure your documents are where they need to be. Clean off your desktop to create a clutter-free space. Nothing feels as good as being able to see your desktop.

3) Create spaces so that everything has a home. At 1st Degree we do many events in a year. To help keep us organized, we purchased clear bins and labeled them accordingly. Now, at the end of each event, everything has a place to return to until the next one occurs! You can do the same with your desk. Create a labeled filing system, purchase desk containers to hold your pens and stapler and organize your drawers so you know what each one holds.

4) Rearrange your space. Now that you’ve cleaned out everything, take a moment to consider your space. Is it working to the best of your needs? Would adjusting the layout help you work better? Try different layouts and decide which one you like best before moving everything back into place. Sometimes just a change of perspective is all you need to energize your creativity.

5) Rearrange your computer. Just like changing the layout of your office, changing the layout of your computer may create higher efficiency. Do you have a certain folder you use every day that is buried in your ‘Documents?’ Consider pulling it out and putting it on your Desktop for easy access. Or create a shortcut to it from your desktop so you can get there in one click.

6) Purchase items that will make your space work better. In a world where Zoom meetings are the new norm, creating a nice Zoom space is important. Ensure you have enough light to illuminate your face. We purchased ring lights, which make us look good even on the most stressful days! Buy a hook to hang your coat or a bulletin board where you can post information on your latest project for easy access. Small additions like this can make a big difference.

7) Set aside time each week to do a ‘fast clean.’ Now that you’ve spent all this time getting organized, set aside 15 minutes at the end of the week to reset and refresh. Use a sanitizing wipe to clean off your desk and keyboard and leave your desk clutter-free for your return on Monday. This will help set a positive tone for each week!

The 1st Degree team knows the power of efficiency. Use these tips and tricks to help launch you into a successful and organized spring and summer. If during your cleaning you find that you have the need for a team of creative, fun and organized marketing professionals, call us! We’re ready to help you take your new idea to the next level!

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