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5 Ways to Overcome the Work from Home Blues

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Working from home used to be a rarity for many, but this year it has become a reality for most. Due to the current circumstances, our workdays and home lives can feel like they are blending into one. As the days get shorter and darkness settles over us earlier, we can start to feel the work from home blues. We’ve compiled a list to help you stay in good spirits and conquer those blues as we continue to work from home this holiday season.

1. The decision to work from home came quickly for most companies, allowing little time for people to establish a space in their home to work from. Regardless of how long or short you believe your work stint from home will continue to be, take some time to create a workspace that brings you joy and helps you feel motivated. Clear off your cluttered corner desk and move it into the center of your room. Hang fairy lights along the bulletin board and add photos of fond memories that make you smile. Bring in an extra lamp to help lighten the room and purchase a few cushions to make your chair more comfortable. Settling into the right workspace each day will help you to be in a more positive mindset, setting the tone for your work.

2. Our usual stops for coffee on the way into the office now feel like a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still celebrate your mornings with a little treat. Invest in a milk frother or espresso machine to elevate your morning coffee or indulge in some holiday creamer for a twist. 1st Degree’s current favorite is peppermint chocolate truffle creamer! Added bonus: You get to put that $5 saved towards your vacation fund for when all this has passed.

3. Did you decorate your home for the holidays? Move your workspace into a place where you can be surrounded by the festive décor. Or move the festive décor to you! Having some Christmas lights on after darkness settles at 4pm will help keep the early evening at bay. Put on some holiday tunes and light a scented candle to really put you in the spirit. Now challenge your coworkers to a decorating contest and enjoy seeing how they turn their space into a virtual winter wonderland. Team meetings over Zoom just got a whole lot better.

4. For those of us who have a pet at home, working from home has been made easier with our furry friends underfoot. For those that have been missing out on midday snuggles but don’t want the long-term commitment of a pet when offices reopen, consider fostering. There are always shelters looking for good foster homes, and a quick Google search is all it takes to learn more. Plus, housing a foster animal is a great way to give back to your community. Who knows – you might just fall in love and decide you are a cat person after all.

5. Quarantine has separated us from our friends and coworkers, making happy hours and game nights a thing of the past. Or are they? Plan a virtual happy hour and game night with your coworkers during the week to reconnect and catch up without the water cooler between you. Websites like Kahoot and Jack in the Box are great ways to have fun and inspire a little friendly competition in your virtual office get–together. The 1st Degree team had a great time hosting a Pie and Trivia happy hour, so we know what we are talking about!

Do you have any fun tips on how to overcome the working from home blues this season? We love to hear what others are doing to keep teams together despite the distance.

Wishing all those working hard a happy and healthy holiday season!


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