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Kids around the world are in crisis, especially in war-torn areas like Ukraine & Afghan

A haunting reminder that every war is a war on children. Right now, kids around the world are in crisis especially war-torn areas like Ukraine and Afghanistan. Help these children see a brighter future by supporting Save The Children.

Save the Children (STC) is the first global movement for children, boldly declaring that children have rights. Today, STC champions the rights of the world’s 2.3 billion children. Working in over 100 countries, doing whatever it takes to give children a healthy start in life, and the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In 2020 alone, STC reached more than 197 million children, including 1.1 million here in America. As the world’s leading expert on childhood, we believe that every child deserves a future.

Powered by PSAdirect, this new PSA showcases the day-to-day life of a children whose lives become immediately impacted by war.

At this very moment, Save the Children is on the ground in the U.S. and around the world, delivering essential humanitarian aid. STC is gravely concerned for children in Ukraine, Afghanistan and around the world who might be caught in the middle of armed conflict, forced to flee their homes and exposed to injury, hunger and sub-zero temperatures.

1st Degree leveraged its industry-changing, results-focused media marketing platform, PSAdirect, to distribute this campaign. Through multi-channel distribution and actionable analytics, PSAdirect delivers targeted, measurable and insightful audience exposure for its nonprofit clients.

View the PSA and download additional campaign materials at

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