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March of Dimes' Latest PSA Tells a Story that Comes Full Circle

The United States remains among the most dangerous developed nations for

childbirth due to health inequities and lack of access to care for mothers. March of

Dimes has been working for 85 years to make a difference in the lives of families


March of Dimes’ latest PSA, Full Circle, tells the story of Lauren, whose 89-day stay

in the NICU as an infant and support from March of Dimes inspired her passion for

helping others. Today, Lauren is studying to become a NICU nurse and uses her

voice to highlight the issues in the care received by mothers and babies in the U.S.

Share Full Circle today to share Lauren’s story and educate your viewers on the life-changing work done by March of Dimes. When you do, you are helping to ensure

that every mother and every baby in your community is healthy and strong.

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