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Moore Launches New PSA from St. Labre Indian School Providing a Brighter Future for Native American Children

The tumultuous history of Native Americans in the United States is fraught with profound suffering and enduring wounds. Yet, amidst the challenges, the children residing in remote and impoverished communities deserve sanctuaries for learning, where their cultural heritage is celebrated.

In a new PSA from St. Labre Indian School called Then & Now, viewers learn about the transformative role the school is playing in the lives of Northern Cheyenne and Crow children. You will see how the school is helping its students, offering tuition-free education, but also food, a safe space to call home to those who need it, and a nurturing environment deeply rooted in their cultures and traditions.

Watch, like and share Then & Now today and stand with St. Labre Indian School in illuminating a path of boundless opportunities for Native American youth.

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