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Moore Unveils “Promises Kept,” St. Joseph Indian School's Commitment to Native American Children

Updated: Apr 8

For parents, there is no greater joy than watching their child stride confidently along the path of possibility. The moms and dads of St. Joseph’s know this feeling intimately. Their child’s path to success is now their reality—thanks to St. Joseph’s Indian School and their commitment to Native American children.

"Promises Kept" is a powerful story of commitment fulfilled. It's a PSA that shines light on the journey of transformation through education and resilience. It's about the dedication of teachers, counselors and mentors who ignite stars in students' eyes. St. Joseph’s Indian School is a sanctuary, guiding Native American children to overcome poverty and equipping them to achieve big things.

Through first-person storytelling, “Promises Kept,” amplifies the voices of Native American parents who eloquently express how St. Joseph’s Indian School has steered their children towards a pathway to success.


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