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Setting New Marketing Goals in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for many nonprofits and organizations that depend on donations. Large-scale events that would normally bring in high dollar amounts were canceled, fundraising strategies pivoted and volunteer work adjusted as locations closed and thinned their staff. That was 2020. The future looks bright for 2021.

We find that the best way to start the year off right is to set a list of priorities and goals. Making a list of what you would like to achieve will help you plan for the business year and keep track of what you can accomplish in twelve short months. Some of the struggles of 2020 are coming with us into 2021, including the hardships of continuing to inspire donations and plan fundraising events. That is why 1st Degree has put together a list of ways to help you pivot, get back on track and grow in 2021!

Hire an agency to deliver on your campaign needs versus doing it yourself by working it into your budget and plans.

Increasing donations and brand awareness starts and ends with great marketing. Hiring a marketing agency fills in the gaps where you lack expertise. Take for instance digital marketing roles. The landscape in this area is changing rapidly. By adding an agency expert in this area, you can save time and money, not to mention bringing a wealth of knowledge to your team to get them up to speed. Agencies also give you an outside perspective, by showing you a broader landscape of trends currently in the market. Using an agency means your marketing will be run with the latest tools and techniques, which brings in better results.

Look at it this way: hiring just one marketing expert comes with salary and benefits expectations, as well as purchasing the necessary programs and tools. Many agencies offer the ability to bill by project, monthly, or arrange for a retainer. You can pick the best set up for your goals, maximizing your budget.

If you do not have a budget to hire an agency, we have ideas for that, too.

If your 2021 marketing budget is tight, do fewer campaigns with an integrated approach.

We have all heard the adage, less is more. Sometimes you can make a bigger splash, and maximize your budget, by focusing your marketing efforts and integrating them across multiple channels. An integrated campaign uses a variety of different tactics to promote your services, aligning your primary brand message across all assets. The idea is to provide a “surround sound” approach on all of your channels. This will help you reach a wider audience, build trust with consistent messaging and save you money by repurposing developed copy and creatives. It also leads to increased brand awareness.

The main idea of saving money by running an integrated campaign is coming up with a few key items to put time and money into. For example, perhaps you write a handful of feature articles that highlight the impact of your brand and include some great photos. After developing the content, launch it across the channels you have selected for your campaign. Use pieces of the content to continue to post throughout the month(s) you run your campaign, relaunching the premium content every so often for audience members. Combine the use of social media, premium content and your website to make an impact.

Try these ideas to maximize your efforts while minimizing your budget to #ComeBackOnTop.

Here is a summary of action items to plan on executing now to make your 2021 a success!

  • Harness the power of social media instead of planning in-person events.

    • Rally an online fundraising event around a hashtag, put on a virtual concert, or plan a video gala for people to watch via a link. Plan one event each quarter to help keep your brand in the spotlight!

  • Redo your website to revamp and re-energize your brand.

    • For many, the lack of in-person events and many changes in 2020 has allowed for a bit of downtime. Now is the time to undergo any rebranding and make changes to your site in preparation for a fresh launch in 2021. In addition, it will show things are still happening despite the pause on other things.

  • Target groups outside of your usual audience.

    • 2020 has brought groups of people together in a way that nothing else has in quite a while. Harness that togetherness by targeting groups outside of your normal niche by involving them in your efforts during the pandemic.

1st Degree Recap

This past year, 1st Degree worked together with organizations and nonprofits to pivot and overcome all of 2020’s curveballs. In honor of spreading the love, we donated to a variety of nonprofits last year including The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Reset180, Artist Relief Fund, Women Giving Back, Mission from the Heart, Heifer International and many more. We love doing what we can to support organizations and nonprofits big and small in celebration of great ideas and important work becoming a reality.

Are you looking to hire someone this year to manage your social media or plan a marketing event to help your organization grow? 1st Degree can help! We are a creative force behind bold communication campaigns and powerful messages. We provide highly personalized service, attention to detail and unprecedented results. So, what are you waiting for? Let 1st Degree help make your 2021 a big success.

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