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St. Joseph’s Indian School helps put students “Holiday Wishes” within reach

A loving home, a hot holiday meal, going to bed on a full stomach – these are just a few of the things that Native American children living in poverty may not experience this holiday season. But for the students who spend much of their time at St. Joseph’s Indian School, the holidays are a time to celebrate, see wishes come true, and continue growing towards a brighter future.

In the PSA, Holiday Wishes, learn how the school is providing Lakota children with a loving home, education and the support they need to learn, grow, and plan for their futures.

St. Joseph’s Indian School educates and provides a loving home to support Lakota children as they learn, grow, and plan for their futures. In fact, students enrolled at St. Joseph’s Indian School graduate at a rate of 96%.

Watch, like and share Holiday Wishes to make a difference.

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