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The 1st Degree Go Bag – Event Ready at All Times

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Our event whiz, Senior Manager Mary Beth Davies, is the mastermind behind the 1DGB. Before each event, our team ensures that all items are restocked and accounted for. What’s in our 1DGB you ask? All sorts of things, but the most unique items are zip ties, a flash drive, super glue, moleskin and “S” hooks.

While duct tape or hair ties may not be considered something to save the day, there are some interesting things you can do with everyday items that are effective in a pinch. The 1DGB has proven time and time again that our constant preparation at 1st Degree is unwavering – and extremely helpful!

One time, our dear friend Santa Clause popped a button minutes before the start of the Hollywood Christmas parade. The gaping hole in his jolly red suit would not have looked good if broadcast on the Hallmark Channel but our fear was short-lived. The 1DGB came to our rescue with a handy safety pin which quickly secured Santa’s button back in place. Santa hopped on his sleigh and the parade started without missing a beat and he was ready for his live broadcast close-up.

During a holiday satellite media tour for Paralyzed Veterans of America, our client accidentally broke a trophy that was set to be center stage of the live broadcast to news stations across the country. Panicked and apologetic for breaking the trophy, the client remarked, “If I only had super glue on hand, it could easily be fixed.” Once again, the 1DGB was fully stocked and the trophy was fixed just in time for the broadcast to go live.

During a recent final walk-through for a live broadcast for the Prime Minister of Japan, our client had specific spacing requirements for their room layout. 1st Degree event staff was happy to pull out our handy tape measure, enabling us to complete the walk-through easily without delay.

The 1DGB can also fix small problems before they become bigger ones. “There are so many times when you have a need at an event, and it is nice to have an item to address that need immediately on hand,” said Davies. “I often feel like Mary Poppins with her carpetbag, pulling out a solution to any problem.”

One thing to always remember to include as part of any Go Bag assembly is food! Never underestimate the power of a good snack to help make a problem go away with a vendor, volunteer, celebrity, security guard or tired customer. Be unique and memorable with the food you chose. Reach out to a local caterer or follow our lead and have a staple of hard-to-find, best anywhere food. There is nothing better than having brisket sandwiches on hand to take to a security officer when you need to gain access to a convention center loading dock after hours. Trust us, BBQ can open a lot of doors.

And when talking about snacks, don't forget a treat for our furry friends. When relevant, include dog treats or toys to be a part of your event to ensure that everyone get's a special something to enjoy or take home!

The most important thing to pack in a Go Bag is patience. Just like any coach might tell a team: you practice how you will play in the game. It is the same with event planning. Work through contingencies during planning and bring everything you would need for those contingencies. Eat a good breakfast because it could be your last meal for a while. Leave early because it always takes longer than you think it will. And, lastly, be ready when the unplanned happens because it will – but that is what your Go Bag is for!

Of course, some things can’t be fixed with super glue or safety pins, and that’s where our event experts come in. If glue can’t fix it, 1st Degree can. Call our team of experts to help make your next big event a success. We’ll even show you what’s in our bag of tricks!

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